Eureka Senior High Class of 1965

of  Eureka, California

Marshall School

4th Grade, 1956-57 Mrs. Shanahan

This photo and information shared by Jennifer Davis Goodman

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‎1st row: Mary McKutcheon (sure looks like Sue Hart), Mike Jone, Donald Smullin?, Candy Anderson, Becky Redman (Redmond?), ?, Tom Deering, Pam Roberts, Ray Crivello, Patsy Egan.

2nd row: ?, ?, Tom Horel, ?, ?,John Corbett, Jack Lay?( Yes, he did die young), ?, Mabel...? on end.

3rd row: Terry Vaeth, Ed Cox, ?, Jennifer Davis, Bob Finnegan, Betty Whisnant, Greg Gephart, ?, Bruce Wagner,

Second Class?

   4th Grade, Mrs Alli Price 1956-57


Front row, L-R: Betty Spradling, Linda Foster, Arlene Obara, Bruce Bowman, ?, Bary Bowen, ?, Jacque Horn.

Middle Row: Mrs. Price, Dwight Nelson, Keen Anderson, Elaine Hornveldt, ?, ?, Carol Stromberg, Gary Longholm, Marsha Johnson, Mary Ellen Horn.

Top Row: Leon Veland, Kenneth Nelson, Linda MacDonald, Patricia Jewett, Linda Forest, Mike Bozzoli, Carol Kamarad, Weldon Benzinger, Jack Persson.

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